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Anchorhead Coldbrew Coffee

Here is the final product, I sketched up a mountain of ideas and have some to this one, I am very please with the final result. This was for a friends start up and they have produced and began selling the product (ready-to-drink, concentrate & decaf versions), they have been getting alot of positive feedback about the label. Things keep growing and the label is still being revised and changed ever so slightly to account for 32oz bottles they are going to be using. But all in all I am very happy with the results.

What do you think?

This is still very much an ongoing project since the company is new and continually growning, any feed back at all would be a very big help, also be sure to check out thei website (not designed by me) They are working on getting things in order to be able to ship orders nationwide so be on the look out.


Greeting all, I am ecstatic to be here and take part in this great class. I am going to be designing a cold brew coffee label for a friend of mine, talk about perfect timing. I have been a designer for a few years now and have grown to really love and admire the hand drawn beauty of design. It is something that died out for a few years but has made a big comeback.
about the label, a friend is starting a side project where he and another buddy will be bottling their own cold brew coffee and they asked if I would design the label for them. I couldn't think of a better chance to use some hand drawn techniques I have been working on over the years and maybe try a few new things also.
When I was first asked to so this I instantly thought of old, vintage whisky or bourbon labels that have very have very few colors. Then that lead into also looking up on american signage.

After researching a few of these an loving the inconsistency of a time when people took pride in their work and everything was hand done. It led me to think about how chalk art had become a very big thing in the last few years also.


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