Anatomy of A Brand: Fundamental Copyright & Legal Concepts and Pricing Strategy

Have you ever wanted to launch your own clothing or tee shirt line? Are you confused with the legal and business skills you will need? In this class, I will provide the business framework for starting your own fashion company. You will engage in deep reflection as to the brand identity you want for your fashion business, how you want your business perceived and laying the groundwork for pricing that matches those values. This course will also provide an introductory overview of the various legal aspects often encountered by new designers in the fashion and retail industries.

In this course you will learn how to:

·Trademark your brand

·Figure out your brand identity

·How to get Copyright protection

·Familiarize yourself with patents

·Find your ideal price strategy

·Learn retail terminology

·How to find and approach retailers

Project: Create a Business Plan For Your Clothing or Accessories Brand, Branding Strategy, Signature Design and Pricing Strategy.


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