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Analytics Project

My name is Mina Smith, and I work for a newspaper conglamerate. I have been working with GA for about a year now, and I feel like I need a firmer grasp on the basics, since I was never properly trained.

Part 1: We already have our sites setup for Google Analytics. They have been running for about a year now in GA.

Part 2: I have set up views and profiles for our "Mobile traffic" and "Big Web traffic."

It is one of our smaller sites; it has an "Unfiltered." As you can see, this already had filtered views, and I created another set, just to see how it was done. I think I managed quite well! I checked them against the currently running views, and I think I suceeded!

Part 3: I toured my website through Google, and came across some interesting things.

For example, the most used mobile device is the iPhone! Neat!

Part 4: Working on the goals for my site. It's a lot of work! I have had to work within the framework of my job to make sure that my goals were attainable, matchhed company policy and ideals, and were worthy goals of this particular site. Looks good!

Part 5: Building a Dashboard was fun and really informative. Here's the beginnings of mine; it looks super sweet!

Look at all of those lovely returning visitors! It's one of the most important bits of information to me. So cool!

Part 6:


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