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Anthony Deloso

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Analytics Fight Club

Hello Dominic & Fellow Skillshareians!

Let's have some fun.

I've been working on this side project that can best be described, at this juncture, as "Analytics Fight Club". Today, I saw a note about this class on Dominic Flask's dribbble account and promply signed up. In short, I'm in a bit of a creative quagmire. On the surface, the following intersection of ideas seems easy:

But, once you get into it these ideas are hard to reconcile into a cohesive set of illustrations. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Non-Restrictive Parameter: The meat and potatoes of this side project lies in the Web Analytics bubble, but Ninjas can be tranformed into "Analytics Ninjas" through the clever use of website copy. So, there's no need for this to restrict the images in the icon set.
  • Restrictive Parameter: The Boxing/Martial Arts metaphor is being used to convey the inner workings of  "Analytics Fight Club". The software pits different configurations/settings against one another for an optimal result.
  • Restrictive Parameter: Cute & Funny is preferable. With satirical sneaking in as a possible direction.

More bubbles...

Next up, my Mind Map!

I really love the style of:


and (of course)

Especially, the little monster dude in the bottom middle.

Ideally, I'd like to find my own groove for Analytics Fight Club, but if it ended up looking at all like of the illustrations above I'd be a happy camper.


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