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Analisis Visual Chile (Visual Analisis Chile)

10 years ago me and my friend Christian started a company ( in the US and Chile for doing 3d animation in 3 markets, real state + architecture, industrial proyects and healthcare+medical+science.

These days I´m focusing my energy in the Chilean market and specifically for the "industrial" market (energy, engineering, mining and infrastructure). To do that I have created a new brand from Beatmap called  called AV Chile (Análisis Visual Chile / Visual Analysis Chile). We sell 3 types of products for this industry:

  • Photomontages
  • 3D project animations and rendering
  • Website development (using wordpress templates)

These are some sketches that I did before I got the the final result:



An these are the final result:



There are some things that I like of this logo and things that I don´t like:

Things that I like:

  • We are a service company thet deals with the impact of the industrial constructions to the enviroment, and chile is a place full of volcanos and mountains so I like the idea that the A is a mountain and the V is a kind of construcion
  • We sell service that is precise and fast, I think the logo comunicate that.

Things that I don´t like:

  • I think there is to much importance in the word "Chile" so it an be read as a turism logo
  • I think some people are not going to read the word AV Chile eather Análisis Visual Chile
  • The word and the box of "Chile" it´s visually different in terms of visual structure.

Please let me know what do you think!


New updates - 2015/05/18

I have added a new aproach to the logo in order to resolve the thinks that I didn´t like about the last logo.

Please feel free to comment.




New updates - 2015/05/20


Give your comments.


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