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One of these days I'm going to get software so I don't have to draw, snap photo with cell phone and drop it all into a publisher document.

AND - my agreement with my publisher for my latest book requires that I start a blog. I'm going to occasionally post an AnaBanana comic about my life. Thanks so much, Sarah, for opening the door with this class.

I have enjoyed this experiment so much even though my drawing skills are limited. This second strip is so my life except that when I realize I left out the laptop before I settle in and scream at it before I get up to fetch it, it doesn't answer. I thought how funny it would be if it did.


This class is a real challenge because I neither having drawing software nor artistic talent.

BUT - Here are my sketches - in pencil


Tech problem here. I made the picture square and it's coming in sideways.

WIll work on adjustments before uploading the model sheet.

Let's see what this one does. Obviously my Webcomic needs to deal with technology frustration.

Maybe I should pratice drawing a lot of those angry expressions.  : )

Getting ready to post my attempt at a webcomic. This is a pen draft but I'm going to find some drawing software and experiment further - strictly for the fun of it. I lack the artistic talent to draw a comic on a regular basis. Some time when my hands are shaking less I want to reletter the title. I'd pick a font but the "A"s in the title should match the "A" I put on her shirt.

Thank you, Sarah. This has been another relaxing break. I am a writer and am dealing with a deadline on a non-fiction book - fiction never seems to require breathing spells. I have discovered the art/creativity activities charge my batteries to go back to work. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. (One of the thingsI learned is that AnaBanana needs some serious hair work.)

Thanks again.


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