Maria Rubio

Illustrator/Color artist



An introduction to Enviroment design. Telling stories through spaces

Milestone 1: Start Your Class Draft - Due Friday, September 2nd

Hi everyone! So it's my first time teaching here on Skillshare, let see how it goes!
My idea, is to show the very basics of Enviroment Design (for animation, iluustration...) by creating a simple, with barely perspective, backgrounds taht talks about them, a person they know or a situation.
This idea comes from a project I made months called "The window project". In this project I created 6 different windows and each one related to one of my family members, showing their personalities, hobbies...


I was a really fun project and really easy going because I used the same composition for  the 6 and just add the different elements.

I'll explain how I use symbols to talk about about experiences, of people, and how to add elements to create your own story.

I'll also explain a simple one point perspective and some of my Photoshop tricks for environment design.
The idea is that in the future, if this class works out, is to make a more advanced environment design class.


Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project - Due Monday, September 5th

So the topic of my course is "INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENT DESIGN", it will be a very basic class with views to doing a more advanced class in the future. We will talk about color, composition, light and texture.
The project will be to create an simple background that talks about yourself or whatever you want, a background that has a story behind, I`ll share some of the techniques I use in photoshop for creating effects that will enhance your art work.

What do you think? Comments? Suggestions? Whatever it will be welcomed!

Have a nice day!

Milestone 3: Outline - Due Friday, September 9th

My outline!


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