An intense decade

Data Set 2 – Intensity info of all recorded hurricanes

Of the sixteen decades which one had the most intense mainland hurricanes? 

I first lay out the data of all 77 ranked hurricanes and group them by decade.  I see that 1910s and 2000s both had seven major hurricanes in their decades.  I plan to dive into where they landed/ their category at landfall and so on. 

I also had technical issues with Illustratror so I made a sketch on paper - I put the 2000s in red ink, 1910s in black.  I tried to upload and I get this error:  XHR returned response code 400  -- Looking at the forum I see I'm one of many to have this issue!

Just so I make it in time - here's the jpg to my dropbox:

An intense decade - image 1 - student project