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An instant classic

In my leather wallet, between personal documents, memes, random notes, credit cards and other insignificant bank details emerge proud of its presence a Midori letter cutter. One plastic piece and a few grams, is possibly the most precious fetish that I have. It has a privileged place among many inanimate objects around my daily life.

The most distinctive and charming feature is certainly its design and functionality. It is an object that serves the people. Four centimetres wide, with details and moldings, in the palm of my hand, the Midori letter cutter documents even more its monumental rounded shape. In its ethos, the color black does not hold his devilish perfection. In the daily practice, has the value not leave waste or hurt, because its edge is covered. Even a child can use it.

Another virtue of my Midori letter cutter is its durability. Although I bought years ago in New York, its blade still cuts the paper accurately, almost surgical. As a ceremony, I use it with every envelope that I receive. The cropped by the edge of Midori implacable paper is also the synthesis as an user experience. An experience well defined by John Maeda with his notion of simplicity and Kenya Hara it up observation of society and the concept of the unknown. Maeda himself argues that we need both the empathy of a product and its efficiency.

Midori letter cutter design is timeless. Created in 1994, represents a minimum machine as the cultural phenomenon that meant the Zippo lighter in 1933, the lightness of the BIC pen in 1950 or the Lego brick in 1958, i.e. objects without any decorative grant and a modernist functionality that still survive. The power under his honesty as everyday objects makes it an instant classic.

The Midori letter cutter is the incarnation of the verb to project. For its power of formal synthesis, use of materials and wit in the service of observation. And finally, for his emotional attribute, essential to define the full extent of the experience. Midori accompanies me every day, hoping activate the edge on paper and through the unmistakable sound zzzzipp receive the best news that a letter may bring.


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