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Monika Kanokova

Community & Content Strategist



An insightful guide to becoming a freelancer

  • I took this class to see what I have missed when I launched my class:
  • Initially, I approached my freelance friends and asked them whether they have used Skillshare before and that I could give them a free month if they sign up for my class. So I didn't technically make it about my class but about the opportunity to discover the variety of classes on Skillshare
  • I have announced my Skilshare class even before I published it and I sent out a newsletter and then another one where I recommended other classes on Skillshare. When marketing to my network I was pointing at the variety of topics one can find on Skillshare: 






  • I have mostly marketed on Skillshare by participating in other people's classes and creating projects and being part of the community. To me, while I guess it works like marketing, it's more that I am trying to be part of a community. However I have a permanent link to Skillshare on my blog: 
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  • My plan is to do another class for the same target group as soon as my Kickstarter campaign for my new book is successful. I'd really appreciate any additional tips or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment! I'd love to get to at least 2,500 students here on Skillshare. 


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