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An innovative imagineer

I was born and raised in New York and after some wandering, wound up in the middle of the country. Before I landed in the Midwest, I started school at University at Albany majoring in Communications and minoring in Fine Arts, while rowing and coxing on the crew team. Rowing taught me the importance of teamwork, how functioning as one would bring us to our goals; being a coxswain taught me how to lead and be strong for my rowers (and to say no to cake for dinner). Now, I am still continuing my education. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

My childhood goal was to grow up and be someone creative - but I’ve learned that every job and task can use a little bit of creativity, no matter what it is. I am currently adding some imagination to The Builders’ Association as an Administrative Assistant by rebranding the Construction Leadership Council and bringing the Education Department to the 21st century.

When I’m not documenting my life, doodling in notebooks, or helping others with their branding, you can find me cooking or baking. My parents taught me to stuff those you love with food - even my puppies can’t escape a home-cooked meal. I love finding and experiencing new things, whether it be putting jalapenos in a cupcake, or deciding to try cliff jumping during an impromptu hike. In life, you can't be afraid of what you don't know and I try to remember that constantly.

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