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An icon version of my interests.

Hi everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself by saying that I am not a designer by any means, but I aspire to be one and that is why I am taking this Skillshare class. I'll try to detail my process as much as possible in order to get feedback.

After watching the first segment of the class, I scratched my head to find the right topic. What I knew though, is that I wanted to make something that I can be using later. 


So, for the mind map, I wanted to try and make something different. I thought to myself "why not center the whole thing around my own interests?". It would be something that tells a little about me and what I aspire to do in a near future. This is what I came up with:

I finally picked four mains categories: 

  • Multi Discipline
  • Digital
  • Creative Network
  • Play

Each of these categories will have about four icons to detail the sublevels. (For example, I'd like to create an icon for Digital, followed by four icons for the category: Web, Mobile, Tablets and Apps)


At first, I didn't really have an idea of the shape that I wanted the icons to have. So I sketched ideas and forms and played a bit around each of the themes. I sketched a lot on scrap paper (which I took pictures of) and here are the results for the first few categories:

As I was sketching, one thing became clear: I wanted my icons to be round and to always have something that is sticking out of them, or at least break the circle shapeto make them more dynamic. 

I finally managed to get a better idea for two of my themes and cleaned up some of my best ideas on paper. The themes that I have finished sketching are: Multi-discipline and Creative network.

Sketched my two remaining categories this morning, Play and Digital. Here's what came out of it:

And a cleaned up version:


Flat design is definitely something I want to try for this project. I'm also very much interested by isometric views but I figured that 'flat' would be a little easier to start with. Here is a mood board of icon styles and color palettes that I find interesting for my project:


I wanted to create a palette that is rather playful but at the same time, rather soft. For my neutral colors, I aimed for something soothing, like blue-grey, and a strong grey for specific elements.

Finished my first set: Multi-discipline

Second set: Creative network


Third set: Digital

Last set: Play


Well, it's the end of the project for me. I really loved the class. This is my first icon set ever. Some ideas were good, some were not so good, but I think what's important is that I pushed through and I learned a ton of techniques, using Illustrator. I experimented alot throughout each sets with shadows and effects, so I'm happy with what I learned. Thx everyone who provided feedback :)


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