An homage to my Aunt! "De Mi Tia Lo Aprendi/ I Learned It From My Aunt"

An homage to my Aunt, her cooking, her love, and her giving nature.

Growing up Cuban means you are always surrounded by food, family, and music. Growing up we all knew my Aunt Migdalia, which I will refer to as Alla to be the best cook. From her mouth watering Congri to her delicious Pernil the get togethers weren't  complete without Alla's food. As the years have gone by and she is getting older I have a strong desire to document her recipes. I want to share her amazing recipes with my family and the world. Now a days cookbooks seem to be less popular than simply searching the internet for recipes. Which brought me to the idea of having a website where I can share recipes, pictures and that's why Im here. I don't consider myself a very tech savvy person and so I know I am in for a real challenge. Wish me luck! 



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