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Claudia Gutierrez

Freelance illustrator



An exciting journey

Hello everyone,

Cheers from Bogota, Colombia!!!

I have enjoyed this class so much! For many years I had felt tempted to do some calligraphy, but so far all my attempts had been pretty much empirical. I am so grateful to Bryn for sharing her knowledge and expertise with all of us :)

I am enclosing an image of some practice sheets -I did lots of them! (please forgive the poor quality of the picture).

I used a Nikko G nib and translucent paper sheets with ruled guides underneath. I chose black sumi ink.

You don't get dinky dips where I live, but among my supplies I found a small clear container with a lid and I secured it to a jar cap using plasticine (lol). It has worked just fine!

As per the holder, I used a regular one and at times I switched to an oblique holder, which gets a while getting used to.


At the end I chose two different quotes for the project; one by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, that belongs to the all-time favorite "The Little Prince" and I decided to do it in two different handwriting styles, and another gorgeous one by William Lawson. I'm aiming to develop a unique style.


Style A:


Style B:


And the quote by W. Lawson:



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