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An eco friendly and responsible way to dress.

1. What problem do you want to slove? 

I want to create clothes that respect the environment through fabrics and production without sacrifying  fashionable design. Often clothes that are made using organic or eco friendly material are not what a stylish women would wear, or they are simply reduce to an organic fabric but prints and other things on the garnment are not. The production will aslo be in UK and 100% handmade to get back to true values. 

2. How are you going to solve it?

Fabrics that will be used will be organic, fair trade, recycled or vintage ( found on markets, on line... ) as well as embroideries threads and other decorative elements.  No dyes or prints using chemicals will be used as decorative elements will be realised by hand using old techniques. Production will be realise in London in my studio. 

The design of the collection will be pratical but as the same time with a chic touch trough finishes and decoration.  

3. How is it different from what is on the market? 

The collection will propose stylish clothes but comfortable and pratical, at the same time customers will do an action against mass consumption of the ready wear industry and towards the planet, prefering handmade products with a superior quality. Women that want to do something for the planet won't have to choose anymore between an only organic poor design and a great design but not 100% eco friendly. 

4. Who is you demographic? 

Customers will be essentially women that are engaged for a better greener planet and/or working women with style aged between 25 and 60 that research good looking clothes for any occasion as well as being comfy at all times.

5. How much would you pay for it?

Depending on the garnment purchased: $25 - $300.  

Here is my pinterest board to see my inspiration for this collection 


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