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An apple a day keeps your enemies away


Hello everyone!

I chose the quote "An apple a day keeps your enemies away" for my lettering project. It's a joke of my sister -we usually work together. She writes and I draw, classic combo-.

It makes reference to the Evil Queen from Snow White. We find funny that she'd say it like giving you some advice.

We're not Native English Speakers, so we're not sure if the quote makes sense or is grammatically correct. So, Native English Speakers, we'll appreciate your opinion :)

So, for the project, this is the word map I did:

Since the Evil Queen is the main subject, I think the desing should have witchy vibes. I looked for reference material related to poison and old medicine labels:

And I started with the lettering warm up. I also would like to use some illustrations of the apple, the Evil Queen's hand or even a poisoned Snow White:

Now I'm working on the composition and the thumbnails. I think it's good idea to use a script or friendly style on the part "An apple a day keeps" and a spooky style on "your enemies away", which is where it turns to the Evil Queen's joke. What do you think? All your opinions are welcome :)

Update 01/23/15

Here are some thumbnails:

I'm not too happy with any of them, so I'm going to keep working on some of them. Not sure which one to choose.

I introduced some new things like the smoke, the trees and the snake. I like the snake concept becuase it makes reference to poison, but maybe an apple plus a snake reminds to Adam and Eve :/

I like the spooky trees as a frame of the number 5 and 6, but maybe the composition number 3 works better. 

What do you think? Any ideas are welcome!

Update 01/31/15

Hello again!

I finally decided to make a mix between compositions 5 and 6. Composition 5 was stronger but I wanted to included Snow White, otherwise it's difficult to understand that it's Evil Queen who is talking :/

So I tried two options: a whole Snow White and just the face. I prefer sencond one because it's more simple and there are less details. Now I'm going to work on the definitive version!

Update 02/01/15


These are the final steps. Here is the definitive pencil version: 


And I inked it in two different layers:

And the colored version:

I decided to use these only black, white, red and very light yellow shadow. I think it's easier to read and pay attention to every detail. Also, this is the style I usually keep on my website, Let's Pacheco.

Thank you for your comments! I really enjoyed the class and the project process.

I hope you like the final result. I would like to know your opinion! I'll appreciate any suggestion :)


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