An animated version

An animated version - student project

Hi Nick, if you're reading this I am a huge fan of your work. I snagged one of you annual reports a while back and page through it any time I want to marvel. For this project I initially stuck to the script. I added a few more bits of data about each strike, then spent some more time in illustrator formatting everything and mucking about with the colors. 

An animated version - image 1 - student project


I decided to try and animate this. You can see the results below. I'm pretty happy with it.


Some ideas I think would be cool to try in the next version would be 

- Radial Gradients for the strike markers

- Fix bug where circles never fully disappear (this is because I am redrawing the map over itself every frame with a high amount of transparency. For some reason this never becomes fully opaque in processing)