Katya Roganova




An absurdity of dreams

Hello, Elle!

First of all, I like your book (have and must) a lot. It is so inspiring!

I have a habit to write down my dreams in Evernote. Not every single one, but the most interesting. I think I will try to record them also.

For this class I revisited my notes and picked one of them to visualize.

What amazed me in dreams the most is their absurdity and surrealism. For example, I had a dream once about a building standing on very thin high sticks, they look like like Dali's elephants' legs from The Caravan. Or another dream: I was following a path, which suddenly ended and I saw words written on the sky "violet freedom". I am paying a lot of attention to words and conversations in dreams (because I like words!).

The dream I picked definitely has words in it. Visually it looks like a comic. I have decided not to color the piece, because color give you mood, buy the dream is not about the mood (and feeling) of the dream, it is about absurdity.

When you are studying at a school/university, you have to earn marks. And always there is some absurd counting system: 2 points for something and 4 points for something else. But marks are awful, because often students pursue marks instead of knowledge.

I hope other people find this dream funny, as do I.



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