An Untimely Demise

An Untimely Demise - student project

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of time to work on this, so had to repurpose a painting I did earlier. The original painting is the background piece and is done in gouache. I tried to portray a depressed man from the back and shot from above at an angle. I thought this piece would work well for the assignment reflecting the examples in the lecture of utilizing camera angles to help portray moods. Normally I research the elements to a painting to a ridiculous degree, but given the time constraint could not find proper reference for the particular angle of the man, so I know some of it is pretty "off". The obvious influence for this piece was film noir which often uses deep shadows unusual light sources and odd camera angles.

Here is some sketches I tried to do for the man. I knew I would have to overlay this on top of the background much like an old fashioned animation cel, so had to try and match the angle of him sitting to that of the background.

An Untimely Demise - image 1 - student project

Generally when I do paintings, the preliminary sketches end up buried under the paint as I build up over them, so I don't usually have a lot of "working" sketches.  The final picture is a composite of digital and hand painting. I really tried to establish a mood more than anything, with the use of angles and lighting. Not sure how well I pulled it off, I will see what you guys think.

An Untimely Demise - image 2 - student project