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An Unmistakable Journey

A Short Bio

I'm Srini Rao, and I'm the founder and host of a show called The Unmistakable Creative Podcast. It was founded 6 years ago as a podcast for bloggers, and eventually evolved into what it is today. Since then I've created live events, produced an animated series and I've just finished my first traditionally published book with Penguin Portfolio. 

Reflecting on Next 

Part of the reason I went through this course was because I wanted to start a 21-day project where I take a course on skillshare every day, instead of spending that time on netflix. I wanted to stretch myself creatively because I've always loved design and overseen all the creative aspects of our company, but I've never learned anything about design.

When I finished watching the lectures I was kind of stuck on the question of what's next which is ironic since I'm a prolific writer who writes 1000 words a day as if my life depended on it. Perhaps in some ways it's because some of what's next has already been decided, which is a second book on creative habits. 

Multiple Iterations on a Body of Work


Most of what I do is tell stories about insanely interesting people. They've included entrepreneurs, authors, artists, bank robbers, drug dealers and performance psychologists. And these stories have taken on many different forms, with interviews being my primary art form. These are just a few of the 600 people that I've spoken to in the last half a decade. 







And I've produced a 60-person 9 speaker conference. Below is a trailer from the event


Our company produced this animated series based on our interviews in partnership with Soulpancake

The Next Step and the Next Iteration 

When you look back over a body of work, you realize that every piece, every conversation, and every person leaves imprints on who you are and who become. The one thing I knew was that I never wanted to be identified by one label like "podcaster." And the result has been a diversity of creative projects in a variety of fields. 

As I'm thinking about what's next a few ideas are on my mind

An event which all the attendees and participants are people  I've interviewed. 

Becoming an advisor/investor in startups, one of my longer term dreams 

And possibly teach a course at a University or in a business school.  

This is my first draft of this assignment. I may come back and revise. 


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