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An Unexpected Journey

August 7th 2014

For my project I decided to do a Dropcap for The Hobbit. The idea came to me right away, so I don't have any sketches to show you. I just kept messing with the idea as I went along.

When I started out I immediately though of doing a capital H with a closed interior, and use that to illustrate the story. I though of using a distinctly dwarvish look to it, made of gold and with very straight lines to decorate.

I liked the idea of Smaug's eye on top. It's a very basic shape but I am aweful at drawing unfortunately. I might touch it up a bit once I get the chance, maybe add a bit of scales to the underside of the eye.

The lower window was supposed to be Smaug's teeth, barely showing, but again, I had to adapt the idea a little big because I'm awful at drawing. Then I figured I could do a trace of Bilbo and use a sort of silhouette against the light, but then I figured it wouldn't work very well.

And suddenly it came to me: The Arkenstone. The round jewel that Bilbo and Thorin's Company yearn for in their quest to conquer Erebor. It is a priceless stone called the Heart of the Mountain and the only piece of the treasure Thorin claimed for himself.

They work great both visually, and conceptually. They are both round and they represent both the goal of Bilbo's journey, as well as the danger in it. It's still in a rough shape so now I need to give it some details. More updates soon.


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