An Old Flame

An Old Flame - student project

The alarm clock shrieked in my face, Man, that's music to my ears. I woke up after one down-pouring rain session that started at midnight ( Damn you Seattle). I begrudgingly got up from my extremely comfortable mattress. I mean seriously, it was like sleeping on Santa's gigantic silk bathrobe, and yes he must have one. Just as I was about to get ready for work, out of the blue I got a phone call. It was one of my good friends Jason.

''Dude Devin, Holy Shit you're never gonna guess who I ran into in the cafe just now!''

Judging by his tone I could tell this would be big news. '' Jason slow down, what is it?

"I saw Angel at Kroger's this morning''


My mouth dropped wide open and all I heard was the sound of my cup of lukewarm strawberry tea crash to the ground. ''Jason are you for real right now? I said.

"Devin of course it was her I don't think she saw me".

Angel was my ex. We were together for two whole years. We recently broke up about three months ago due to some apparent emotional immaturity she blamed on me and whatever bullshit she spewed. Doesn't time just sneak up on you like a bitch. Anyways She was without a doubt the best relationship I ever held within my grasp. Then the memories came flooding back in my hippocampus like an angry current during a nasty hurricane. From the first time I saw her at Jerry's home of the best Vanilla Chai latte to when I mustered enough courage to ask her on a date to when we first touched one another. At times I still smell her distinct cherry blossom perfume. Oh boy, that turned me on.

I then ended the conversation with Jason and told him thanks. He told me not to worry and freak out if I ever do bump into her, So I then raced out the door to start my usual day at work I always take the bus to work. It's environmentally friendly and because I totally fucked up my car while I gave it to my dumb excuse for a brother. One life tip never lends Camrys to family members.

As I got on the bus I couldn't help but think about Angel and our past relationship. Just for a second, I thought maybe I messed up what we had. Maybe I did some things to drive her away. I remembered all the times that we shared within that two-year window. All the movie dates we used to do, All the picnics we used have, and all the crazy-ass arguments. I guess we did have some great times after all.

As I descended off the bus and walked with more urgency I kept thinking "Oh Damn I'm gonna be so late''. Eventually, as my own anxiety-inducing countdown started in my head, I started running and running. I felt like Forest Gump and Usain Bolt out there, except I ran like a toddler that wanted to use the restroom. I zeroed in on my office just as I was about to make the close. I bumped into this young woman with her back turned to me. She was a petite figure with luscious, gleaming, brown hair, and those perfect hips that just won't quit. I would know those hips anywhere she turned and there she was Angel.

'' Oh my God, Devin is that really you'' she said

''Yeah it's me I said meekly Nice to see you again Angel''


She reached for a hug it's been so long since I've smelled those wonderful cherries.

We then exchanged pleasantries and talked for the first time in what seemed like forever. For a brief moment as we reminisced laughed, and talked about life. I was listening to her and for the first time since we broke up, I cracked a big smile.

''Hey I gotta run but it was really good seeing you again Devin''

''Yeah you too Angel''

She gave me one last hug and told me if I ever needed anything to give her a call. She then departed. I don't know what happened between us but all I could feel at that moment was a sign of closure for me. I didn't need to wonder anymore and I guess she didn't need to either. Sometimes people just drift apart, it's a fact of life. But you know what's funny about life? It has a unique way of finding you what you need sometimes. So I guess Angel and I are friends now of course this means this guy is single! I should set up the Tinder profile when my shift ends. Then a nagging thought popped in my head. Oh shit, I might get fired...