An Ode to Williamsport

An Ode to Williamsport - student project

So for my hometown I chose a couple of recognizable buildings near each other because we don't really have a skyline, a riverboat that has been running as long as I can remember, and my grandfather, because no one else there represents my memories of growing up there as much as he does. Color scheme is pulled from a Topps baseball cards box because Williamsport has the honor of creating Little League baseball as well as hosting the Little League World Series every year.


An Ode to Williamsport - image 1 - student project


I am doing this to the nines. Upcoming will be various designs featuring my grandfather ("Poppop"). Why you may ask? Because he looks awesome and deserves his own line of t-shirts and posters that will adorn the Straub family homes and torsos for ages to come.



An Ode to Williamsport - image 2 - student projectAn Ode to Williamsport - image 3 - student project


This has been a blast. Thanks for the fun, about to dive into the merch Skillshare because I want a Poppop patch and pin.


An Ode to Williamsport - image 4 - student project