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An Ode to Mundane

As Kate says this project is so easy to overthink and I made four or five sketchy zines before this one, all incomplete. You have to be okay with your zine being imperfect. That's why eventhough I used a lot of handlettering, in the spirit of Zine I didn't trace with pen after designing with pencils, I sort of jumped in to it. (Hence the spelling and other various mistakes.)


(I also don't have a scanner so sorry for the crappy photo quality to follow.)

I picked mundane as my subjects sinceit look like I was going to think forever to pick my theme. I drew whatever I saw.






 I am thinking adding a bit color to these either by hand or digitally.

This was such a fun project! Making zines is truly addictive and I doubt I'll ever stop doing them. I also recently took Handlettering class of  Mary Kate McDevitt and I found what I learnt there very useful here. I think handlettering is very suitable to zine format.

Thank you for this inspiring class!


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