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An Observation of Religion and Equal Rights

Hello my name is Mike Gallardo and I'm a freelance motion graphic designer and aniamtor.  I'm really excited about being apart of this class and starting my own project with all of you. 

For my toy I wanted to go for something that would impact people and make connect and have an emotion with the toy.  So I first set off to find something that was pwerful and impactful and would say something when people sa it.  My wife refered me to this photo and I thought of the message that I could create with an image like this below.  

It will have to be a two figure two with the characters standing on a platform of somesort or a base. The photo is from General Nguyen Ngoc Loan durning the Vietnam war.  Seeing this along with the other photos of this time was very heartbreaking and powerful.  I know today we still deal with racism and the differeance between rich and poor and in the if gay and lesbians should be married and have the same rights. 

As of late I have heard of some some religoius groups trying to kill gay and lesbians and make it a law to put them to death in some places.  I thought of taking this picture and turning it into a toy image would be great statment of that. 

So my inital idea is to have a priest looking person holding a cross or a gun to a gay person with an equal rights shirt on.  To brutally show what some people think of gay and lesbian groups of people. 

For the art style of the toy I would like to go with something more kidish and simple like Adventure Time or Mcbess or the Simpsons Style. I have also included some toy Inspiration as well to help me along on finding a style.  

Welcome to all your feedback and looking forward to it! Thanks


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