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Eduardo Martinez

Illustrative Designer



An Oasis Party


And finally here is my completed composition:

I want to thank Chris Leavens for teaching me some techniques I have never explored!


Update 3

And finally the Meerkat :-)

Update 2

School assignments been taken priority but here is my tortoise ready for the water :-)

Cactus and Snake Vector

So here is the outcome of the happy cactus and king snake:

Up next: Tortoise illustration


Ok so here are my refined sketches of the animals. I decided to replace the frog with a meerkat. I studied several images of meerkats and noticed they have their arms down usually. I also kind of penciled in where shadows and highlight might go.

Here is a 6 second clip refining the cactus and snake on my lightpad :-)

Up next, Adobe Illustrator :-)

Having fun at the Oasis

So I want to depict a desert oasis party or animals having fun in a desert oasis...(are frogs even found in an oasis?) Not sure of the mountainous background  though...not sure if it gives it that desert look..will probably leave a flat land with more whimsical cacti? Thoughts?


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