An Introvert's life


Main Character - Samantha Marks

character description - Black hair, Snow white skin (she doesn't go out much), 5'6, average body, casual clothes.

Family background - average family, 1 smart sister in Princeton. 

Characteristics - Introvert, shy, clasps hand together and twists them when nervous or out of her comfort zone, generally neat and organised, a quiet good girl.

Flaws/Problems - Her parents expect her to be like her sister, who has a lot of friends and is outgoing, she is under pressure to be like her. 

What happens - she decides to write down a guide and how it feels to be an introvert. She wants to be herself and not what her parents want her to be. 

End - this story starts near the end of high school, so she goes to university to become an author and publishes her guide/ how it feels to be an introvert.