An Intentional Portfolio

Up until I watched this class, my website was more like a messy blog. I put everything I made up there, from doodles to old paintings to pieces I really love. This class helped me realize that not only should I start calling my website my portfolio, but I should curate it with a little more style and care than I had been. I removed all my old and irrelevant work, and tried to only post things I find truly represent my look and my skill. While I'm still struggling with my personal statement and core beliefs as an artist, simply taking a critical eye to my work has helped me understand what areas I should focus my networking and creative energy. While I'm currently hosting my site on Tumblr, for monetary reasons, I have a more solid vision in my head of where I want my portfolio to go once I can afford a platform like Squarespace. There are a million different things to keep track of and stick with when trying to become a creative professional, but I definitely feel like I have some kind of guiding light to help inform my next steps thanks to this class. 

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone out there took a look through my site. It's a bit sparse, but I am proud of the stuff I've decided to showcase: 


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