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Chamisa Kellogg

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Artist



An Instrument of Communication or Torture?

Update #2: 3.17.14

Well, it's taken me a month to get back in the swing of things, but I am finally here again! Rewatched the first video, and have officially decided on my phrase:

"Is this an instrument of communication or torture?" (Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey)

Now I'm just gathering reference material. A first pass of google, pinterest, etc has me with a few ideas, and turned me on to telephone tokens which I never knew existed! They have some really cool typography/imagery on them which I found inspiring. I'm including some new images below that are sparking my imagination:

I'm continually working on my list of brainstorming words as well as researching. Might make a trip to the library.

Update #1: 2.19.14

I'm moving to a new apartment, which in this case means a new (and bigger) studio for me! I have big plans for the organization and set up, and one aspect of those plans is to put up more work on the walls - something so simple that I always seem to forget about. So I'm hoping this project can contribute to the wall above my desk, something to add to the aesthetic of the space.

So I suppose the application for this project is a poster. I want it to be colorful and exciting. My usual illustration style is pretty old-school, and I want this to be a little fresher, while still having the nostalgia of that golden age illustration style that I love so much.

Still working on picking a phrase... I'm stuck between these two:

“Is this an instrument of communication or torture?" (Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey)

"We are what we repeatedly do." (Aristotle)

Below are some images in the style that I like:


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