An Imaginary Photography Logo

Hey guys! I had a great time learning all about this. I'm honestly drooling over those foil letterpress options, especially that gorgeous matte rose gold in the final result.

I'm new to calligraphy, and I figured digitizing would be a great skill to learn hand-in-hand with the actual lettering process. 

For this project, I didn't have anthing specific in mind, so I decided to just write my name. I wrote a few examples, but ended up liking the "johnson" in the bottom right.


This is the logo result so far after digitizing-- I decided to make up a photography business.


I'm really pleased with it! I think I might like to add a little graphic of some sort (most likely a small camera or something) but for now, I like the direction in which it's headed. Any comments/suggestions are very much welcome!


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