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An Illustrated Life

Week Four: Social Media and Marketing-

This week our exercise was to come up with some creative ways to meet customers. I believe the best first step to meeting customers is to become more involved in your target customer base-search out places your customer likes to be (like in our week two exercise) and then work with those places and people to create meet-ups and community building events that benefit both companies and improve upon your business relationships. On top of this I want to tie in my product line ideas into my product line marketing. This will help people better understand my brand while remaining light hearted and fun. Thus, my business cards, sale handouts/take home goodies will all tie into the ideas that I have come up with for product items. This week has shown me the benefit of cross marketing and truly loving and spreading what you do! To see my notes for this week view my Go Mighty post here.

Week Three: Business Basics- 

This week our exercise was to plot out or business basics. For me, this process is slightly more complicated as explained in my Go Mighty post here. But that did not stop me from doing the finances exercise shown in this Go Mighty post. As this class begins to wrap up (only a week left to go!) I am thankful to have had the chance to share and learn! Thank you to everyone involved!

Week Two: Stream of Consciousness-

Our exercise for this weeks "Unique Brand" topic was to free associate for five minutes about our brand. For me, that meant making my character map into a sort of mind map. Organizing my thoughts visually helps me to rank which thoughts hold the core of my ideas. For the character map below the color code is as follows: orange being my most concrete ideas, green being the details of my most concrete (orange) ideas and blue being the explaination thoughts and words most free associated. For a further look into my mapping exercises this week visit my Go Mighty post for notes and customer map. 

I look forward to reading through everyone elses "Unique Brand" character maps!

Happy Saturday!

Week One: An Introduction-

Hi y'all. I am artist and illustrator Teresa Grasseschi and I am busy working my way towards functioning as a freelance illustrator and opening my own paper goods shop.

While I have been an artist for years, I am just beginning to attune my work into the business that I hope will live, breathe and grow. I have outlined my decision to become a freelance illustrator and open a paper goods shop in my first Go Mighty story post for my goal assosicated with this class. I hope you all get a chance to read it and learn a little bit more about me and why I have decided to take the plunge into becoming a business lady! I have in turn answered the notes questions for this week in a second Go Mighty story post. Please feel free to browse the rest of my Go Mighty life list here. I would love to hear what you have to say on my project! I am currently redesigning my entire portfolio website and hope to have it done mid-june. But you are very welcome to take a look at my old one as it is still live to see where I have been, and keep in touch with my moves going forward on my blog-which will see far more action in the coming months!

It is such a pleasure to get to work through this class with others and build the creative community. I look forward to learning more about each project going foward! I hope to continue to build on this community once the class comes to a close.


Teresa Grasseschi

Lets keep in touch!

instagram: teresagrasseschi

twitter: TeresaEileen


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