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An Elephant Never Forgets

Update 9/1/2013:

Here are the three versions.  I hesitate to call them final, as I am sure I can and will continue to tinker with various outputs.

Version 1

Watercolor and soapy water  texture, as well as typography (song "Baby Mine" from Dumbo), happy color palette (seafoam and soft golden yellow)

Version 2

Rust texture with various adjustment layers, darker color scheme (triad of green, teal, pink)

Version 3

Folded paper texture with color adjustments and script type treatment of song ("Baby Mine")

I am, of course, open to any and all suggestions!

Update 9/1/2013:

So, wow... I'm really late to updating my project.  Sorry for such a long hiatus!

Please see my final line art sketch.  The next step (digitization) - is totally foriegn to me so, is this scanned line art good for "translation" into the next phase?

Update 7/30/2013:

Here are some close up pictures and the full pages at the correct angles... Unfortunately my scanner is not cooperating, so I am using my iPhone to take these pictures.

I currently like the baby elephant and the dandelion or the bubble (he's just so cute), the elephant holding the dandelion up to his forehead (more introspective)

Elephants and Dandelions

Elephants and Bubbles:

Artist Statement:

Growing up, both sets of my grandparents lived on the West Coast, while we (immediate family) lived in Ohio.  During the summers of my youth (i.e. elementary school) we would go to visit my grandparents.  My paternal grandmother had a bookshelf in the living room filled top to bottom with everything elephants: rock carvings, stuffed animals, pendants, metal castings...  I would stand in front of those shelves for hours taking visual inventory and question the allure of these creatures.

On a seemingly unrelated note, as valedictorian of my high school, I was required to give a speech at graduation.  I decided to give a speech about a childhood hero... An individual who despite being picked on for his differences, being misunderstood by his own peers, coming from a single family home, and dealing with minor substance abuse ultimately came out soaring - DUMBO, the flying elephant.  This compassion being (with the help of some unlikely friends and a little hope) was able to fly.

Now, two years out of college and finding myself lost: emotionally, somewhat financially, but mostly artistically. I find myself turning to these thoughtful and gentle, yet massive creatures.  I feel the juxtaposition of an elephant with either a delicate flower (i.e. dandelion seedpod) or bubble(s) visually illustrates my conflicting feelings: heavy heart, hopeful spirit, lofty aspirations, revolving/evolving deep thinking...

I have attached both sets of sketches (elephants with dandelion seedpods and those with/involving bubbles).  Also, here is the link to my Pinterest boad for this project.  I have yet to make any decision about which direction to take and am open to suggestions, comments, questions, interpretations, etc.


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