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Joshua Mast

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An Afternoon at the Lake


I was merely on a nice afternoon drive with my girlfriend out to a local lake when I realized I had my camera in the back of my car. Immediately as noticed how visible the moon was, I wanted to capture the moon and the water. Here's the original:


I knew the moon wouldn't be as big as I would have liked (didn't have a telephoto lens on me), so I (admittedly) grabbed a freesource pic of the moon and editted accordingly to essentially look like a larger version of what was already there.

Editted in VSCO afterwards, adjusting some contrast, saturation, highlight tints, this is what I had:


Back in PS, I added a "lighten" layer of a cropped capture I had gotten a few days prior (Chuck is right in saying to always capture anything appeal, as you may come back to use it in another creation) The clouds:


I erased anything that appeared on the original lake but left everything else. I honestly don't remember how but I messed with the color of these clouds to give a warmer afternoon feel yet still attempt a little dreamlike atmosphere. And there we have it. :)

Thanks Chuck! I will continue to mess around with surrealism.

Another recent attempt at this assignment:



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