An Afternoon Gathering: Coffee and Cranberry Orange Scones

The inspiration for this gathering didn't actually come from your class. But it turns out it fits in perfectly so I thought I'd share it. I've never been a big fan of tea. I didn't grow up around it, I guess. I hope I can gain a better appreciation for it. My love has always been for coffee. Not running by starbucks or the cheap gas station kind of coffee. When you have a quiet moment to sit down, appreciate the flavors, and admire the steam pouring out from the top. That's slow living - when you can appreciate steam.

I am a blogger as well as a lifestyle / food photographer (though I am still a beginner in the food styling department). And that means most of my days are spent online or in the kitchen. I wanted to reconnect with one of my closest friends, step out of my bubble for a moment, but still do for her what I love doing. So, we gathered around coffee and scones. We laughed, we talked, we took time to catch up. It was truly a wholesome and cozy moment!

I shot these series of photos in my home with my iPhone. And when you shoot with an iPhone, you have to chase the light (or lack thereof). My home has small windows and the house faces north to south, not east to west. So we don't get a whole lot of direct light pouring in. That just means more moody photos for me! And I love the moody look. Enjoy!


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