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An Acrobat

An Acrobat is a blog I started in 2012 but somehow, I lost my way. I have a long list of excuses why I put it off but I think the main reason is because I didn't have a clue. Without goals is hard to focus on something and I believe that's where my blog is at: "a lost and unfocused space in the internet."

As I follow this exercise, I found these are my reasons for blogging:


  • Make it a creative outlet
  • Crafting with a purpose (no kids or family crafts)
  • Learn about new topics or techniques
  • Learn how to express myself better (my writing skills are not the best but I learned that with patience and perseverance, we can do a lot)
  • Talk about things I enjoy like mobile photography, illustration, design)
  • Find balance between work and family 
  • Change my lifestyle


  • Promote my design work
  • Develop content like articles for a future book
  • Earn money with affiliate links and advertising
  • Become a known designer
  • Sell products

Audience Demographics

  • Mostly female, hopefully some male readers too
  • Age: late 30s to 60s
  • Job title: beginner artists, designers, people who want to change their career into something more creative
  • Years of experience: beginner artists or more seasoned professionals who are looking for a more fulfilled life 
  • Location: big cities and suburbs
  • Devices used to access blog: computers, tablets and even smart phones

Audience Psychographics

  • artistic/crafty type
  • people looking for a career change or a new lifestyle or new challenges
  • interested in working and creating things with their hands
  • interested in finishing never-ended projects
  • not afraid of change
  • probably with older kids or no kids at all
  • technology savvy 


Abigail is a 40-something administrative assistant who doesn't find her job rewarding anymore. after 20 years of organizing the office supplies closet, planning the office parties, overseeing the remodeling and decoration of the new offices and buying numerous flower arrangements, she is looking for a more personal creative outlet.

She likes to draw and paint, eventhough she has never kept a sketchbook and knows only the basics. She also likes to make things with her hands and spends her free time wandering through museums dreaming if she could ever do something like that! She's looking for a second chance.

Blog Style

Blog Style

realistic - supremacy perfection = imperfect down-to-earth

informative - repetitive = fresh look  selective

eccentric - over dramatic = whimsical spontaneous 


transformation - sameness = evolve adaptable

Smart Goals

  1. Gain 50 subscribers by September 2014
  2. Have one guest-post in a design blog by the end of 2014.
  3. Use my blog as a portfolio for at least one freelance gig in 2014.
  4. Post 2 times per week until June and post 4 times per week until October. After October post 7 times per week.
  5. Create inventory for an online store in Etsy during this year. Planning on opening my store in November 2014.

Brand Statement

 An Acrobat is an spontaneousdown-to-earth and selective blog focused on providing content about arts, crafts, collections and photographs to DIY junkiesnew designers andcareer changers so that they can unleash their creativity 

Why are we doing this?

  • To help others find a more satisfying career
  • To grow as a graphic designer/illustrator
  • To showcase what I am making
  • To increase client exposure

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, we plan to: 

  • Increase my readership
  • Become a guest post in a design blog at least once on the first year
  • Creating inventory for my online store in Etsy

Content Pillars - still under development but I think this would be a good start


  • Collections - what people collect, displays and personal feelings
  • Mobile photography


  • The never-finished project - tutorials
  • Reviews - books, products, supplies


  • Reviews - art/design shows, museums
  • Drawing table - projects I am working on, process, discuss new project ideas, projects gone wrong, etc


  • People: designers, artists
    • Topics: creative processes, career success


  • Bloglovin
  • IFTTT (just started using it)
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter in general (next step is learn how to setup hashtags to search for content)


  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • iPhone and iCloud for mobile photography

Publication Channels

  • Buffer (I am going to try it out)
  • Twitter
  • Bloglovin (since I use it to read my blogs)
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


  • 2 times a week from April to July
  • 3 times a week from August to December
  • 5 times a week by 2015

Roles & Responsibilities and Work Flow

  • I will assume all the roles and will ask two friends to help with proofreading.
  • Publish = 0 days
  • Content Revised = -1 day
  • Content proofread = - 4 days
  • Draft for review = -6 days
  • Design/photograph/edit images = -10 days
  • Content calendar = 45 days


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