Amy's Mushroom Card

Amy's Mushroom Card - student project

I took a drawing inspired by nature. I chose mushrooms rather than flowers as felt this was a little more me and attempted to keep some of the qualities of the drawing in the final outcome whilst simplifying and turning into a block printing project. It was so fun to try out block printing. I was worried about getting all the materials as I live in the UK but found it easy to find the materials. I need to work on inking up and the final outcome and am going to cut into my block slightly more before I print this again! Really happy with the outcome thought and already have designs for more prints!  Thanks Liz. Amy's Mushroom Card - image 1 - student projectAmy's Mushroom Card - image 2 - student project


Mini Update! 

I have cut another tile and played around printing the two tiles I have cut onto greetings cards, I also added a tiny bit of gold and silver foil I had to bring out some details. I am loving this process! Amy's Mushroom Card - image 3 - student project