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Amy Heyse Photoshop Projects

Project #4: Portrait

This is a portrait of my husband and I as if we had been shrunk down (kind of like "The Borrowers"). Kevin and I are both artists and we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary next week. There were a lot of different elements that went into this picture, so I feel like it was a good cumulative piece that incorporated all of the skills I learned. I took all of the pictures used for this image (my desk, the brush, the people). Kevin and I went outside and posed with a swiffer mop as a stand-in for the paintbrushes.

Project #3: Fire and Ice

Here's my version of an illustrated word: "grow." I'm not sure if I like it as is or if I want to make changes. I'm definitely open to feedback!

Here's my version of the words "fire" and "ice." I had to refer to the video a lot on this one, but I'm proud of the final result. The gaussian blur filter really takes the word "fire" from looking pretty good to looking awesome! I'm looking forward to creating my own version of a word as well!

Project #2: Revision

The front cat/penguin's head is moved down slightly and I smudged the fur to try and integrate it more. I'm not sure if it's very noticeable.

Project #2: Tuxedo Cat Penguins

I have two pet cats, Zora and Scully, and decided to mash them up with penguins since they both wear tuxedos! It was tough trying to find just the right combination of the smudge tool and clone stamp, especially on Zora's body where her chin meets the chest, but I feel like I got the image to a place where I'm happy with it. I'm open to suggestions for improvement or changes, of course!

Below are the original source images I used. The penguin photo was found through Creative Commons and the pictures of my cats were taken by me. I've also included a sketch I did to try to practice how I wanted my mash-up to turn out:

Project #1: Pirate Treasure Map

Here's my Pirate's Treasure Map. I'm not sure if I could use more/less items or different colors, so I decided to post it as is to see what others think.

The last time I took a graphic design class was in college about 5-6 years and I don't remember a thing! So far I feel like I'm learning a lot more in this class than I did back then!


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