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Amur Leopard

Hi all,

I am interested in making art that advocates for ethical relationships between us and the natural world. I am particularly interested in wildlife habitat and want to explore ways to restore it in my practice. This project seemed like a possible bridge.

This animal is called the Amur Leopard and its habitat is located in parts of Russia and China.  It is one of eight leopard species and it shares its territory with the Amur Tiger. It is one of the most critically endangered animals on the planet with perhaps only 25 to 50 left living in the wild. The are illegally hunted by poachers for their pelts and their habitats are being detroyed by deforestation. And with so few left, inbreeding is another set back. Armed volunteers actually patrol their habitat to help protect them from poachers. 

Here is some of my research.

Here are some perliminary sketches from my sketchbook.  More on the way.


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