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Kelly Lim

aspiring to be a creative.



Amu Manu Restaurant

Our story:

The only ramen bar in Lincoln, Nebraska. The establishment was built a little over a year ago; to expand and serve the culture-growing community. Being in the central of Midwest, variety isn't one of its strongest points. The brand subtly encourages adventure, and the willingness to try something different. The people in Nebraska typically associates ramen as being served from the packet, in other words, instant ramen. It's cheap, with nearly zero nutrients present in the meal. Amu Manu desires to change that stereotype. The brand wants the community to know that ramen can be served as a wholesome comforting meal, with many health benefits. With social media, the brand aspire to engage with their customers, while reminding them about the deliciousness of ramen bowls.


On Facebook and Instagram 

I strongly believe in story-telling when it comes to social media engagement. While it's effective and easier to do shoutouts promptly, it's also an opportunity to show the brand's personality. In the picture, I've done a random sketch of a ramen bowl, and wrote a simple quote that relates to the product we serve. We want to casually remind our followers that there isn't a right time to have ramen; you should have some whenever you feel like it. Luckily, we have an awesome roller derby player who's one of our server, and I thought it'll be a good idea to kind of collaborate those two together. I then tagged her roller derby team on Facebook and Instagram, to hopefully have the followers of the derby team to sort of notice us, or at least, in hopes to create an impression of Amu Manu. 


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