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Arlene A

NYC Graphic Design Student



Amtrak Connect Ad

Hello everyone! So for my project I decided to recreate an Amtrak Connect ad.


I already have some experience with Illustrator but this is my first time recreating an ad using shapes as was taught in class. This is what I have so far:


The wings were difficult and I ended up using the pen tool which has made them look less precise than the original ad. If anyone knows a technique for how to recreate these wings with shapes let me know. Also I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle the text. Any feedback is appreciated. Wish me luck!

Update: (5/21/14)

Using tips from the feedback I recieved I was able to redo the wings and get the font for the text pretty close to a perfect match.


Final Product: (5/28/14)

So here is my final iteration of the ad with the details of the face added in and the Amtrak logo. (Which I grabbed from an image search) It was great learning how to draw using shapes in this class and I really enjoyed it. 



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