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Amsterdam houses & houseboats

First I'd just like to say wow what an awesome course! And also the patterns people have made are amazing! I am kind of intimidated after seeing the amazing artworks everyone has created. Really impressive and beautiful.

I created a pattern from quirky Amsterdam style houses I drew with a pen and then colored with watercolor. I painted them in blues and purples to try to do something different than the normal red brick colors. 


I'm not very talented with Illustrator so I had some challenges, but Jenn's instructions were excellent. Also I have a very old version of Illustrator so some of the instructions did not apply, but after a bit of googling I found the old version of these steps. This project has definitely made me realize I need to invest in new versions of the software!

I played around a bit with the layout of the little houses but Illustrator kept crashing so eventually I had to give up and go to bed. Below are the first versions of my pattern! I hope to play around with this a bit more and create patterns including different drawings as well. I want to colorize the houses as well and try different combos. 

I loved the watercolor painting part! I don't draw very often by hand but it is fun and relaxing! 

Thank you Jenn for this amazing class! I loved it! 



Next day I played around a bit more and added some boats and houseboats. Still having some fun with the pattern, want to to some more abstract designs as well. 

I'd love to think of something that I could actually use this type of pattern on that would be useful for my business. I am thinking maybe journal covers or insert pages? A friend suggested tote bags but I am not sure anyone would buy a patterned tote bag. You never know! :)

Nevertheless having fun! Thank you Jenn! You are an excellent teacher.





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