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Amsterdam explored

So here are 3 of the 5 photos we're instructed to take. These are all taken in my hometown Amsterdam. 

Middle of the road 

I guess a liberal way of seeing a road. You could consider it a road to the clouds! Really happy with the leading lines and the reflection coming of the glass. 


Signs of life 

This has a very Dutch feel to me. A guy in a suit riding his bike leasurely through the Vondelpark. Of to work, but no hassle with traffic jams or congestion.  


Postcard shot

This is my postcard shot. So many photos of bikes on bridges, has to be one of the popular things to shoot when in Amsterdam. I decided to give it my own twist by getting up early and shooting into the sunrise. 


I still need to shoot the birds eye perspective and off the beaten path. So I'll be on the hunt for those shots soon! 


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