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Ampersand challenge

I started by looking at all the different styles of ampersands out there and sketching as many ideas as I could think of (a small sample above)

I started playing around with block shapes - circles and rectangles, and rounding these off slightly. I quite like this stencil sort of effect by itself, although it looks a little more like an 8. I wanted a more organic and feminine feel so I sketched some ideas of swirling lines intertwining in contrast to the block shapes. After various iterations I settled on the style of the ones above. I wasnt sure about the circles on the end of the swirls as they seemed a bit overpowering, so I ended up changing these to more subtle teardrop shapes.

This was my first attempt at joining lines to create varying widths, as Spencer showed in his tutorial. I really like the technique.

Here is the end result;


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