Ampersand Calendar

Ampersand Calendar - student project
This is a productivity calendar app for entrepreneurs and procrastinators. I am really interested in the workflow that we create for ourselves. I'd like to figure out a fun way to take all of the varying tasks we do and apply them to an interactive calendar that inspires us to finish on time.
What's unique about this app is that it asks you quick questions before you enter an item to your calendar.
  • How many estimated hours will it take to complete?
  • How urgent is this task?
  • When is the due date/deadline?
Overalll, is it worth the hassle? The answers to these questions help you align the importance and urgency of the task at hand with the number of estimated hours.  The app wil then look at what you currently have in your calendar and let you know if you have the time to do the task or not. It might tell you "Sorry, you have too much on your plate. This task does not fit into your schedule". For example, if you happen to have an open schedule, it will recommend that you should only work on this "10 hour"  task for 1-2 hours a day since its only a week away.
Tasks that are due much ealier are automatically raised in urgency.
                                                 Ampersand Calendar - image 1 - student project
Wes Guity

Entrepreneur + Creative Director + Producer