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Amongst Thieves

The chicest high end streetwear line you’ll find around.  Amongst Thieves, was founded by two Wilmington, Delaware fashion frontrunners.  They set out to create their own luxury streetwear clothing line inspired by the latest trends and manufactured from only the highest-quality materials.  Their attention to detail and commitment to sharing their passion for fashion with their customers sets this team of professionals apart ordinary designers. 


Walk down the street wearing Amongst Thieves clothing, and you are guaranteed to turn heads and break a few laws.  Our mission is to make our customers feel like they can take on the world in our luxurious streetwear.  When you wear our quality clothing you definitely won’t fade into the background.  We are about standing out in a crowd!  Dress it up, dress it down- anything goes with Amongst Thieves.


We are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction to everyone that supports Amongst Thieves. Follow the designers on twitter, @KidYungn and @ImRealPerfekt and the main twitter account @AmongThieves


Be adventurous. Be daring.  Be noteworthy.  Get caught wearing the hottest new streetwear from Amongst Thieves today!

2013 FALL COLLECTION COMING SOON (some of product shown below) -- Sadly The Photoshoot and all won't be done by contest end, will try and upload some photos of the collection though!

Most Recent Printed Design:

Some designs still being developed:


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