Among the flowers...

Among the flowers... - student project

Hi Maria Ines!

Thank you for a lovely class. I am travelling in vacation since June and not finding too much time for painting (last time was 3 months ago) but felt like painting again after watching your class.


For the painting I used a combination of gouache, watercolor, watercolor pencils and ink pens.


This is the sketch in ink:


Among the flowers... - image 1 - student project


Those are some of the colors I will use on the painting:


Among the flowers... - image 2 - student project


The final painting will be different from the sketch as I decided to add some digital elements on the portrait as well as adjust some details that wouldnt work well as painting (the eyes of the sketch for example).


This is the painting as it is. I let a white border around the subject cause I knew I would change it later on Photoshop and because if I ever decide to turn the painting into a pattern my work will be much easier.


Among the flowers... - image 3 - student project


This is the painting with background fixed ( after I split the image in 2 - subject and background) I worked just on the background, so it would be even. For the details I used a very row watercolor pencil so the lines would have a lot of texture (hair, hair accessory, glasses, and shirt motifs)

Among the flowers... - image 4 - student project


This is after I added digital elements on the portrait:


Among the flowers... - image 5 - student project

There are a lot of imperfections on the painting but I embrace them all. I decide to paint my eye black cause I thought  I was missing some contrast but in the future I will paint the same portrait again with the real eye color and see how it turns out.


This is how I envision the painting if I ever decide to print it:

Among the flowers... - image 6 - student project


Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks. I learned a lot.

Can not wait for your next class!