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Amish Hipster

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Amish Hipster Zine is a handcrafted magazine that features the wittiest satire outside of Holmes County Ohio. By subscribing you'll get first-hand access to the our innovative content; guests will be impressed when they find Amish Hipster on your coffee table!

If not impressed with our nifty zine within 365 days, we'll refund your fee. Promise!

Our high respect for a well read person is praise enough for literature.
T. S. Eliot 

Amish Hipster Praise from The Masses

How is my day going? Well, I got retweeted by @AmishHipster so yeah, it's pretty awesome. - Adam Legg

Guys. Seriously. Any time an @AmishHipster appears in your timeline, it's a good day. So amusing and clever. - Libby Norcross

Follow @amishhipster because he has the best handle ever. - Mathew Paul Turner, Jesus Needs New PR


What is Amish Hipster?

Amish Hipster is a humor blog and zine written through the perspective of Abe Beachy, a fictitious Amishman from Holmes County Ohio. He has recently moved from Ohio to Austin, Tx, the promise land of Topo Chicos and PBRs. This blog documents his perspective on the similarities and differences between Amish and Hipster cultures.

Who writes Amish Hipster? Is the author currently/formerly Amish?

Josh Hostetler currently lives in Austin, Texas. He grew up in a conservative Mennonite church in Sarasota, FL. His mom and dad grew up in Amish and Conservative Mennonite churches respectively in central Ohio.

What is the purpose of Amish Hipster?

The purpose of Amish Hipster is to make you laugh. Like wet-your-pants-crying laugher. The author does not want to demean anyone; He loves both where he lives and where he came from. We want to make you laugh, and AH hopes that you do laugh. If you don’t laugh, it’s probably because the AmishHipster is too witty for you “to get it”.

Ridicule is his love language.

Where can I find out more about this intriguing-probably-extremely-good-looking author? 

Why thank you!


Josh Hostetler says thank you! If you have more burning questions about the author, our fearless leader was interviewed by David Stippick on his blog.

How can I contact the author?

For media requests/ fan mail, email [email protected] To ask “Abe Beachy” questions, please email [email protected] You can also find AH on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and FB with the links in the top right corner.


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