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Jermaine Donnell





Americano-(n.) A person who lives a lifestyle ,good or bad, that can't be overlooked when on the path towards success...They build you up just to tear you down. That is the price of fame! This way of life is foreign to many people but easily present in the chosen few. Whether you become a drug dealer, go to Harvard, become a professional athelete or the average 9-5er, we all strive for the same outcome...SUCCESS. No matter how you get it, no one can deny how you got it. For example, when Barry Bonds broke Hank Aarons home run record people tried to discredit his feat and taint his legacy by saying he allegedly took steroids and placed an asterick(also known as the little star) by his name in the record books. End of the day he still broke the record and end of the day you can't stop the sun from shining *

*You can't stop our shine-Americano *


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