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American Zniper Heat Transfer Shirt

This shirt was designed as a gift to mock my dear friend, who is a video game enthusiast and pride himself with his shooting skills in games like Counter Strike and H1Z1. The idea is a parody of heroic status of real life and gaming realities.  I borrowed the recent blockbuster American film title American Sniper as the "real life" (I use this term here loosely) reference of heroic shooter and make the connection to "Zombie Shooters" with the Z from H1Z1 and created the phrase Zniper.

Graphically, I tried several ideas.  

Initially, it was featuring a screen capture from one of his play.


Somehow it is not strong enough.  I tried involving stylized characte from the game with my friend's likeness and camouflage prints. 


Still it does not seem right.  I took out the screen shot and tried to have the figure along as the focal point in several different layout and styles



Up until now I've stuck with a 3D gaming graphic style and something inside of me really wanted to try out the illustration style for a change.


At this point, I find the character base I grabbed from the game gives me a very odd standing pose that is deviating away from the sense of heroic (however mockery) that I was looking for.  While I could not decide between the 3D gaming graphic style and the illustration style graphic works better for this t-shirt, I have to address the problem with the pose of the character itself.



In the end, I printed both designs out and it is clear, at least in the case of heat transfer, which one stands out.


I chose heat transfer due to the constrain of lack of access to screen printing equipment and budget.  My last illustration design stand out out the most in this process.  It transcribe my concept and purpose of parady exactly.  However, with the availability of screen printing at disposal, this design could take many more other shapes, forms and colors.  My second, 3D graphic style design could possible be excuted better as well.


All sleeves on the right arm has my Parenthetical Things logo.

Parenthetical Things is a label I am creating for what I make. It aims to collect and share anything and everything that explains and qualifies who I am as a designer and an artist. While these things are not the main constituents of everyday life, they support how I live and what I am passionate for. 



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