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American Revolution Soldier

I tried working with the pirate angle for a while --- I have the sketches to prove it, honest --- but I couldn't latch onto a project idea I liked. The American Revolution soldier concept came to me while I was reading Jefferson and Hamilton, a book about the lives and careers of the two Founding Fathers. So I decided to try cartooning the founders of America. Because I have no sense of propriety whatsoever and nothing is sacred.

My first thumbnails focused on Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. Three different body styles, personalities, and clothing styles. Jefferson -- the center sketches -- as tall and described as "loosed limbed" and like he would "deflate." Adams was a bit on the short side and while I don't know if he was really that chinky, I played the role poly shapes toward the top. On the left side is the sketches for Hamilton, who is slimmer and more of a natty dresser and was extremely confident. Also, he was pretty good looking, a fact that had no bearing on my decision to go with Hamilton for my final sketch.

After digging through my history books and the Internet for reference, I found this painting of Hams as an artillery officer in the Revolution.

That is quite possibly the most awesomely weird hat ever. I picked up some reference specific to that unit too:

I played with the pose until I settled on something that captured both his confidence,sense of fashion, and apparent love for ordinance:

The image is a little faint because I try to get my design as tight and finished as possible before scanning in for final coloring and processing in Photoshop or Illustrator. There is a piece of vellum paper over the rough sketchbook bersion and I'll refine he pose, details, etc. from here.

This is the lastest image from this morning's work. I know I will have to straighten those canon balls and ... #*%@ ... That foot and leg on the left is way too long. I think deep down I know I need to do something different with his expression, but for now I have a leg to erase.


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